Millwood Gallery


Formed in 1981, Millwood Gallery is located on the historic Tinakori road in Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand. It is a unique combination of an art gallery and a bookshop. It exhibits a diverse range of original art by New Zealand artists including paintings, woodblocks, etchings, screenprints, and books.

The gallery features an extensive collection of pieces which represent the New Zealand landscape, native birds, native flowers, and the Wellington cityscape. The books on display are also very variable such as gardening and cooking books, literary fiction and non-fiction, notecards and notebooks, calendars and diaries, children’s books, cards and gift wrap among others. The books are personally curated by the gallery and most of them are exclusive to the Millwood Gallery.

Millwood gallery features art and books by both old and new artists. But the majority of their displays are by contemporary artists. Some of the New Zealand artists and writers whose work has featured in the gallery include; Susie Stone, Matthew Williamson, Linda Olson, Vivian Manthel French, Margaret Palmer Mckenzie, Ted Sherwen, Philip Beadle, Heather Campbell, Sue Schaare, Mary Taylor, Cynthia Taylor, Tony Ogle, Nigel Wilson, Clarry Neama, Marcus Ebbet, Phillip Markham, Jane Harper among others.

Those who’ve visited this gallery have called it classy and inviting. There is so much to look at and get lost in. Everything displayed is different and each piece of art or book offers visitors a unique experience visually.

The gallery also hosts special events all year round like the Pop-up Millwood gallery, special exhibitions by specific artists, the Millwood Gallery birthday exhibition and many more.

Millwood Gallery is open to everyone, young and old and it can also be accessed by wheelchair. For anyone who ever finds themselves via the Tinakori road, be sure to check out the Millwood gallery. It is a nice place to spend your afternoon, gazing at wonderful art, discovering new artists and books. And you can also purchase anything you really like. It’s a great place for art enthusiasts and artists alike. A gem in the center of Wellington, which you will not find anywhere else.


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